It is erroneously said by some in the scientific unified field that the big bang theory didn't need god. The reason for this (bio)logical confusion stems from forgivable ignorance. I say forgivable for love and forgiveness are two sides of the same coin. You see. God is not god. God is love. I repeat. Love. To elaborate.  'The big bang is the initial singularity. The initial singularity is self-differentiated. The purpose of self-differentiation is love.' Now although the above is an absolute scientific truth; there is really no need for that many words to express the true meaning of the word. Truth is quite simple really. The origin of everything is self not wanting to be by itself hence why the purpose of self is love. Hence also the true meaning of self-differentiation more commonly known as bio-diversity. The meaning of self - which is a synonym for life - is love. Is it as such possible to believe in god and the big bang theory? Naturally yes. All is one and the same. One's purpose not to be alone. One's purpose companionship, friendship, love.
~ Wald Wassermann