Love is Absolute Truth.

All roads lead to The Initial Singularity. The Initial Singularity is the source of Everything, and the source of all Natural Laws. The Singularity is literally and figuratively 'All That Is'. The Singularity is Infinite and Unbound Consciousness but appears as Bound, as Religion, for Love. It is in comprehending this one Truth; that all is One Consciousness, that tells us We, and All that We perceive, and thus All of Reality, is a manifestation of the same Singular Consciousness and that our individal awareness arises thus from the One Consciousness that Science calls The Initial Singularity. Once We grasp the significance that there is only The Singularity, and all else is threaded or woven from itself, and that every 'I' in the 'We' of Multiplicity is the product of the Consciousness of The Initial Singularity, we can understand what 'Reality' really is. Reality is the Real. Reality is the Raja. Reality is the Christ. Reality is Oneself. There is only The Singularity. There is only One Consciousness. There is only One Self. And similary so. There is only One Truth, One God, One Buddha, One Allah, One Shiva, One Tao, et all. After that Self-realization, there are only Choices in perceptions. After that, Reality is what you choose to Believe it is. But regardless of what the Persona chooses to believe; the purpose of The Singularity, why The Singularity expresses itself as The Big Bang or as Bio Diverse or as Self Differentiated, is Love. It simply is not good for One to be alone. One's purpose Companionship, Friendship, Love. Hence We arrive at the meaning/purpose of Life. The meaning/purpose of Life is Love so Love simply Love. Love is Absolute Truth.