Re-Conceptualizing The Origin- and Purpose of The World.

It is thought that realizing Oneness, realizing that all this is Self and the reason of Self is not to be by itself which is why self perceives itself as diverse, is a recipe for inaction and that we, the One, should as such preserve the present configuration of the Self aka universal consciousness, i.e., the illusion that it (which is We, the One) believes it is 8 billion separate human consciousnesses to keep on moving so not to stop the dharma wheel, samsara, the world. First of all; lest not mistake inaction for non-competitiveness. Secondly. Rest assured that there is nothing to worry about. Self will always be in action or in motion for the fundamental purpose of motion, of Self, has always been, is, and always will be companionship i.e. love. The only thing that will be happen is that Self will be re-aligned to its existential purpose. For as the wise have said before. Samsara (life, the world, the universe) is not only nirvana; samsara (life, the world, the universe) is Self celebrating itself as self-differentiated for companionship i.e. love. In nuce. Knowing this, that all this is Self and that the purpose of Self is Love, will herald in the promised universal state of bliss otherwise known as the kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.
~ Wald Wassermann