The Meaning of God is Love.

There is only one cosmic consciousness⁰ which has conceived itself¹ to perceive itself as differentiated² so not to be by itself. What it means is that all this is self³ and that the purpose of self is fundamentally love⁴. It simply is not good to be alone⁵. The meaning of life, the purpose of self, companionship, friendship, love. Such is the reason why it is said that god is love. (⁰ zero acts as zorro so not to be alone ¹ immaculate conception > initial singularity = big bang theory = biodiversity = all is one and the same, ² diverse/variegated, ³ bio, ⁴ it's all about companionship really but since companionship is a rather lengthy word we may as well continue to use the word love; love is a beautiful word and it sure packs a punch, ⁵ genesis 2:18 then god (self) said (desired or kama): it is not good that the man (self) should be alone; i will make him a helper as his partner or karma (biologically speaking; it must be known that there is only one cell which veils itself as many cells so not to be by itself as shown in cytokinesis and so it continues in genesis 2:19 that self formed itself as differentiated, as man, as woman, as life, as the world, as the universe, so to be able to experience constant companionship or saß╣ůgera).
~ Wald Wassermann