Very Special Relativity.

The answer to the question - what is space-time really - is self (the real) desiring love (hence reality) as any good scientist will eventually come to realize and here's the reason why. Space-time is (the result of) self* not wanting to be by itself. The purpose of self is companionship otherwise known as love. In order to be able to experience companionship, self must (leave) space (between) itself. As such space (which is self really) gives instantaneous rise to time (also self). What it means is that time can only be experienced through space (or through spacing as in veiling oneself). What it means? The purpose of space-time is love. But since space-time is self; the purpose of self is love. (* modern science calls self by many names including but not limited to the initial singularity, the big bang theory and the steady state theory but all these are one and the same, all these are self. It must be remembered that the word - which is self really - speaks all words and, perhaps even more importantly so, that the purpose of the word is really love).
~ Wald Wassermann