Biological Thinking Allowed.

The purpose why no thing appears constant, or, why every thing appears to be in a constant state of flux, is love (one's very own desire for constant companionship). And here is the reason why. Imagine for a moment you are god. It is not fun to be the all-one and to be all-alone now is it. As such. Truth is simple but it appears complex. A) The i-llusion of separation is a sensory perception created for a very good purpose. B) There cannot be separation in truth, in real-i-ty, since there is only one self or one consciousness or one real or one universe (aka god). C) It is thus oneself which has conceived itself to perceive itself as diverse (biodiverse) so not to be by itself. D) The purpose of self being companionship otherwise known as love. E) That which science calls e-nergy verily is i (self) and since the purpose of self (i) verily is companionship otherwise known as love the equation for the theory of everything (toe) is simply I=LOVE.
~ Wald Wassermann