Deductive Reasoning Leads to Absolute Truth.

There is diversity in life, the world, the universe (and let's disregard the notion that diversity is a sensory perception of sorts). As such the start of this lil' deductive reasoning which leads to absolute truth. 1) There is diversity. 2) Diversity is an emergent property. 3) There must thus be prior cause which created diversity. 4) The effect is thus the same as the cause 5) Since the effect cannot be outside the cause the cause has a reason for the effect 6) To discover the reason of diversity is thus to understand the reason of the cause 7) To discover why there is two is thus to understand one's reason of appearing to itself to be two 8) Although two are one it is one which appears as two to itself so not to be by itself 9) One's cause is thus two fold in nature 10) One's cause is not to feel alone 11) One's cause is companionship otherwise known as love 12) As such absolute truth: absolute truth is One's purpose is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist