Fine-Tuning Argument.

I was told the following and I quote exactly: 'Fine-Tuning argument is one of the best arguments for atheism. The universal constants are pretty precise ... but they are not perfectly precise. Each constant has an infinite range of possible variables. That is exactly what we would expect from a universe that exists due to natural ongoing processes. If our universe was created by some perfect god then the universal constants should be perfectly precise. Why would a perfect god need to leave himself any wiggle room? The strongest argument against the God(s) of Abraham is Evolution by Natural Selection. Evolution has shown us that we did not come from one man and one woman. So ... no Adam and Eve, no Garden of Eden, no Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, no Forbidden Fruit, no Talking Serpent, no First Sin, no Fall from Grace, no need for Punishment, no need for Forgiveness, no need for a Savior, no need for Jesus (or whoever the real messiah is supposed to be).' My reply. All this is Self. Self is fine tuned not to be by itself. The purpose of Self, the meaning of Life, is Companionship also known as Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist