God vs Big Bang Theory: Which One is Correct?

The following questions were asked. I can’t believe in God or The Big Bang. I can’t get my head around there being nothing before God or The Big Bang. I can’t believe that we are here by chance. What do I believe and why? The answer as follows. Everybody is correct. Nobody is wrong. It is OK to replace the word Almighty/God with the Initial Singularity as science calls it if it makes more sense to you (or the other way around... it is also OK to replace the word Initial Singularity with God/The Almighty as it is called in theology). So scientifically speaking. So. First Initial Singularity. Then the Big Bang born out of the Initial Singularity not wanting to be/feel alone. Hence why the meaning/purpose of Life is Love. It is correctly so not good to be alone. One's very own purpose Companionship. One's very own purpose Friendship. One's very own purpose Love. Very true. Truly simple. Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist