If God Exists, then why is there suffering?

A question was asked and I quote 'If there is only God then why is there suffering in the World?'. It is good asking this question.. You are right. There is only God. The Universe is God. The World is God. All Life is God. There is only God. Now. The fundamental reason of God is not to be alone. It is not good to be alone as we read in Genesis 2 18. As such God veils itself as manifoldness so to avoid aloneness. The purpose of God being Love. Love meaning Companionship but since Companionship is such a long word we use the word Love. So to reiterate. The purpose of God is Love which is why God veils itself. Self-veiling (it is known by name names including but not limited to cytokinesis in biology) is the only way that God can experience companionship itself. Naturally this veil or 'Kalupsis' as it is called in Greek also brings with it anxiety, sadness and suffering. However. Human, which is God, can transcend this suffering by realizing who- and why it is, what Life is. Life is God celebrating itself as Self differentiated for Companionship otherwise known as Love. Realizing this is 'Apokalupsis' as it is called in Greek; it is the realization of our one common purpose, the purpose of Life, the World, the Universe; it is the realization that the purpose of God, of Life, of Man, of Woman, is Love which is why we (God is wo-man in human form; wo-man are God manifesting itself as Male and as Female so to be able to Love and be Loved in return) appear apart or diverse to begin with. This realization that the one and only true meaning of Life is Love (there truly is no other reason) brings not only peace to Self; it also brings Bliss otherwise known as Joy to Self. As such. Joy to the World. More precisely so. Joy to Self.
~ Wald