Origin of Life Theory: How Were the First Beings Created?

It is said by some who lack complete knowledge that no one knows the answer as to the origins of life at the moment. It is also said by some that researchers and scientists are making great progress finding answers to many of the puzzle pieces related to life's origins but they don’t have a complete answer yet. It is as such suggested by some that in the meantime all we can do is say at the moment we don’t know while we must wait for genuine scientific proof to arise rather than just believing in myths and tales. So here's the deal. A Bio Genesis. Not biogenesis nor abiogenesis but A Bio Genesis. A meaning One, Bio meaning Self, and Genesis meaning creation. As such the following is equally correct: Uni bio genesis since A is a synonym for Uni. But there is still something lacking in this wording. The Word is Love. As such: A Bio Genesis for Love. Why? It is not good for Self to be by itself. The purpose of Self Companionship, Friendship, Love. It is this the why of Life. It is this the why of the World. It is this the why of the Universe. Simply puty. All is One and the same. One's very own purpose Companionship, Friendship, Love; Love so Love. And yes. Evolution means Love in action.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist