True Science: How Can Complex Things Form in a Universe Ruled by Entropy?

If disorder in the universe is always increasing, then how is it that galaxies, stars, planets, and people are here? All questions are born out of ignorance. Ignorance of knowing that all this is self and that the reason of self is not to be by itself. Now that we got this straight we can move on to the topic that self calls entropy. Entropy is NOT disorder. Entropy is motion. One could even say E-motion providing it is understood that E is Self (I). Not to get too distracted; lest return to this motion business. All motion is self. Self is in constant motion not to be by itself. The purpose of self is to experience companionship itself. Companionship can only be experienced by perceiving oneself as moving separately. But all separate movement or motion verily is self and that the purpose of self is verily love. I say love for it is the simplest word to use. It is essentially all about companionship really.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist