Realionships during this age appear to be increasingly complex and so they are for the further one (self/humanity) goes from understanding- and acknowledging one's very own identity and purpose the more there are to be trials/tribulations/turbulences. Turbulences/tribulations/trials are caused by self no longer remembering who- and why it is complex aka differentiated or diverse. The goal here for relationships, be it between nations or in interpersonal relationships between wo-man, is thus to acknowledge, to be truthful, as to who- and why we really are. Who we are is one (self) not wanting to be by itself. Why we (self) are (diverse) is companionship, friendship, love. It is this knowledge and this knowledge alone which brings peace to all relationships, to self, to the word, to the world. But seeing oneself as separate in a relationship, to live completely detached with one's true identity, is unsustainable in the long run. Best thus is to be honest, to be truthful, to be who you really are and if those around fall away because of your truthfulness let them fall away for it is better to live an honest life then to live a life based on self-deceipt with a cramped up restricted heart.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist