What is the Ultimate Fate of the Universe? Answering the Big Physics Questions.

What is the ultimate fate of the universe? Cosmology deals with the large-scale structure and evolution of the universe, but many questions about its ultimate fate remain unanswered. Will the universe continue to expand forever, or will it eventually collapse in on itself? It is interesting the word 'fate' is used in the opening question for we could replace it with the word 'faith' but ideally 'love'. Regardless. It could be said that the ultimate fate of the universe is eternally love. You see. The universe is not outside us. All is one and the same. All is self. Now then why do we perceive diversity in/as the world, or, in/as the universe. The answer is simply this. All differentiation is but self conceived so self could experience companionship itself. Do away with this concept called division and you will realize that self always is if not strictly so in the same form which is why every thing is in constant motion. The reason for constant motion so self could experience constant companionship and love. Now to return to this expansion question. Expansion, or inflation, is self-conceived differentiation for the purpose of self-companionship. Yes. You could rightly so say that it's fundamentally all about love. In conclusion and through the cosmological lens: the big bang is a synonym for bio diversity or self differentiation and the purpose of self differentiation or bio diversity or the big bang is nothing else but love. All this so not to be alone. All this for companionship, friendship, love.
~ Wald Wassermann