Why the Purpose of Life/Lila/Maya/Self is Love.

Some of the books on spirituality (not mine!) state that maya means illusion and similarly so that lila means divine play. Both statements are incomplete or misleading half-truths based on faulty self-knowledge. Truth is simply this. The purpose of (the) self* is love. Love can only by experienced by veiling oneself as manifoldness. But all manifoldness verily is self. Hence one arrives at the proper definition of the word maya. The meaning and purpose of maya is love. Now as to lila or the divine play. The purpose of self is not to be by itself. Hence the correct definition of lila. The meaning and purpose of lila is love. In conclusion and at the risk of sounding like a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal: 'the purpose of self is love' which is why it is correctly so said that 'the meaning of life is love'. Very true. Truly simple. Love. (* there is no difference between self and the self; all is the same one, all is one and the same and one's purpose is verily love)
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist