Beyond Impermance and I Am Permanence: Realizing One's Purpose is Love.

Beyond impermanence and even beyond the Self-realization of 'I Am permanence' lies the realization that Life verily is the permanent Self celebrating itself as Self-differentiated for Self-Companionship or Self-Love hence the why of the universal all-inclusive Gospel of Love. Hence how the fear of change can be transcended by realizing that the reason of constant constant change, why every thing is adherent to change, the reason for that which Self calls spacetime in post-modern physics, the passage of time and the spaces in our togetherness, is One's very own innate need for constant-companionship. It is One's very own desire for constant-companionship which results in Self expressing itself as the World, as Life diversified, as Man, as Woman, as a plurality. All this so One would not be alone. All this so Self would not be by itself. All this so Self could could experience companionship otherwise known as love. Relationships, including but not limited to man and woman, between the sexes (se meaning self and x meaning diverse/different) and the nations of the world, grounded in this realization, this knowledge, this understanding, are thus ideal for they are rooted in One's deepest foundational truth: there where is two, there were are many is but One not wanting to be alone and One's purpose is now and forevermore companionship, friendship, love.