Chronology of the Universe: Time and the Big Bang (Science 101).

Some science books (not mine) state that it is not known if time started with the Big Badda Bang, and, if it did, if time did start with the Big Bang, that talking about events before the Big Bang is as such meaningless. Man. Man. Man. People are something. That much is true.  Let's clarify a couple of things. First off; the Big Bang is a synonym for Bio Diversity and Bio Diversity is a synonym for Self Differentiation.  What it means is that 'the cause of the Big Bang is Self not wanting to be by itself'. You can take that to bank. Now we can replace the word Self with the Initial Singularity as well. It must be remembered that The Word (Self) came up with all words. Memorandum. All is One and the same. Now about time. Time is the result of Self not wanting to be by itself. It could thus be said, abstractly speaking, that the purpose of time is Love, or, to be more precise, that the purpose of Self is Love which is why there is time. Time is correctly so relative as it is based on the founding principle of One Self wanting to be in a Relationship; of One Self not wanting to be alone. It is not good for One Self to be alone. One's very own purpose Companionship, Friendship, Love. In conclusion. It's all about Love really so Love simply Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist