How Can One Overcome Anxiety?

There is a lot of unneeded anxiety in the world because of the illusion of separateness. The direct way to overcome anxiety is thus to do away with the illusion of separation; the fallacy of division. It is the illusion of separation that is the cause of most if not all anxiety in the world. What it means is that all is one and the same, that all is one and that one is all as in reality in its totality. Then why is there such a thing as an illusion of separation to begin with? And similarly so. Why is there as such bio diversity? And scientifically speaking; what is as such the cause or reason of the big bang? It is good asking these questions. Truth is quite simple really . It is not good for one to be alone (genesis 2:18). One's very own purpose companionship, friendship, love (1 corinthians 13); love therefore love (mark 12:30-31) for it is one's only reason of being and the one and only reason of life. In conclusion. How can one overcome anxiety? Do away with the notion of division and realize peace. Peace be with you. Peace is with you. Peace is you. It is you who are the one. You are the one whose purpose is love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist