Knowledge leads to Peace.

The world is self. Self is the real expressing itself as reality or as biodiverse so to experience companionship, friendship, love. Now as to the illusion of separation. The illusion of separation exists for a very g-d purpose. The purpose of the illusion of separation is not to fight oneself for that is not possible; the illusion of separation exists so self could experience love otherwise known as companionship and friendship. It is not g-d for g-d to be alone. Meaning? It is not good for self to be by itself. Self-differentiation is self-desired, self-created aka self-conceived and self-perceived for self-companionship, self-friendship, self-love. Hence the truest definition of biodiversity. Now. What are we thus arguing about? Now. What are we thus fighting over? Nothing is more stupid than conflict or war. All this is self and the reason why self is (appears) diverse is companionship, friendship, love. Hence the why of the all-inclusive gospel of love.