Love: The One and Only Meaning of Life.

The one and only meaning of life, why there is one man for every woman and one woman for every man, is so one* would not to be alone, so one could experience companionship, so one could experience friendship, so one could experience love. All this so not to be alone. All this for companionship, friendship, love. Hence the importance of self-knowledge in relationships be it in couples or between the various nations. Knowledge is key! Realizing who- and why we are is the bedrock of each marriage, of each relationship. Who we are is one not wanting to be alone. Why we are is companionship, friendship, love. Without this knowledge there can be a relationship, there can be a marriage, but it will be build on shaky grounds due to ignorance. The opposite of ingorance is thus the above universal knowledge which is of all times. To really have lived a life according to one's underwriting purpose is to love each other each day anew for there where appear to be two verily is one not wanting to be alone and one's purpose is eternally love so love simply love. Never give up. Never stand down. It is you who are the living truth. (* self)
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist