Music Sounds Better With You.

We were at a concert for some kind of carnival. The singer was une quebecoise, her husband un bolivano and the waitress una mexicana. It was a small space with 12 tables. I was there with my friend from japan who brought her friend who was russian who was texting her moroccan friend. In the far right there was a couple from the ukraine who were celebrating their anniversary. On the table on our right there was a man from india with his wife from pakistan. They brought their children as well as a friend from lebanon. Right across from us was a couple from the us; both of them professors from different states.  On the table on our left there was a shy woman from germany who was on a date with a man from france who told me he loved belgian beer. There was also a man from korea last time and people from china for good cheer. Everybody was having fun and laughting with smiles ear to ear. A mini united nations  it was all here.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist