The Origins of The Universe 101 Explained: A Hot Model (One/Two/Love).

I am not opposed to leaving bread crumbs along the trail but lest remember the purpose is not loose oneself along the way; the purpose is to point oneself back to the correct way; back to oneself for after all; the camino is one and one's purpose is love. As such. One arrives at the origins of the universe and the questions most often asked by such novices as 'which model of the universe is easily to understand, and, which among its aspects made you appreciate its representation of the universe?'. Now. Some hot models (as in persons/personas) on the origins of the universe state that a (as in one) initial singularity (still one) preceded the big bang (also one not wanting to be alone). The above sentence contains a lot of valid pointers leading one to realize absolute truth. Absolute truth (bio/self) is differentiated (diverse/life) so not to be alone. It is not good for self to be by itself. The purpose of self companionship. The purpose of self friendship. The purpose of self love. Love so love. In conclusion and at the risk of sounding resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. The meaning of life, the purpose of self, it is companionship, it is friendship, it is love (hence) love simply love. There is no higher truth than this. Love each other.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist