There is only the Empirical.

The current mistaken view in science today is that there is no empirical evidence for God, which, theologically speaking, is preposterous since it is scientifically valid (and with science I mean jñāna; not the watered down narrative being pushed by some out of a cloud of unknowing) to say that there is only the Empirical, or, that there is only God. That being said, the etymology of the word 'Empirical' is derived from the Greek word 'πεῖρα' whose etymological origin is the Sanskrit word 'पितृ' which means 'Father' or 'the Empirical'. In other words, the current definition of Empirical knowledge in science is completely incorrect. Empirical does not mean 'based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic'; instead, Empirical means 'Father' or 'Paternal Ancestor' which happens to be the consensus in Cosmology: there is only one Father or One Paternal Ancestor which manifests itself as Diverse for Love. It is explained in Cosmology as follows: the universe originated from the Big Bang, and the Big Bang originated from the Initial Singularity's desire not to be alone. The Big Bang theory is the prevailing scientific explanation for the origin and evolution of the universe, and it is supported by a vast body of observational and experimental, or rather, empirical evidence."
~ Wald Wassermann