True Science: The Origin- and Purpose of Life.

Some of the history books (not mine) state that zeus split primordial humans in half because he feared them as he thought them to be too powerful and in doing so he brought about man and woman. My goodness. Self is quite something. Truth is simple. Zeus is a synonym for self. Self is the eternal one not wanting to be alone. All is still one and the same. All is still self. Self simply appears differentiated to itself so not to be by itself. As such the correct definition of a bio genesis or the origin of life theory. The origin of self is self not wanting to be by itself. The purpose of self is companionship otherwise known as love; love so love. Last but not least a correct definition of life. Life is self celebrating itself as self differentiated for companionship. It is not good for one to be alone. One's purpose companionship, friendship. love. May all beings realize who- and why we are. May all beings realize peace. Peace to the world. Peace to the word. Peace to self.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist