How to overcome suffering in Buddhism.

How to overcome suffering in Buddhism? First of all; it must be understood that Buddhism means realizing Sunyata which means Selfness or Isness or realizing that there is only Oneself which expresses itself as Self differentiated for Love. As such we arrive at the Illusion of seperation or separateness (here spelled with a capital I for good reason). Like two sides of the same coin; the Illusion of separation causes both joy and suffering. The goal is to understand why the Illusion of separation exists* in the first place. It is the attainment of this knowledge, this Self-knowledge or Science, which leads to Peace and Contentment. (* it is not good for Man, this One, to be alone; One's very own purpose - the meaning of Life - is Companionship i.e. Love).
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist