Did The Universe Really Begin With a Singularity?

The initial singularity is all space-time-matter-energy-whatever. In fact; it is the initial singularity which has conceived itself to perceive itself as differentiated so not to be by itself leading it to label- or name itself with a a plenitude of different words out of its own self engineered/planned/purposed ignorance aka non self recognition. But what it essentially comes down to is that it - the meaning of life - it is all about companionship really; self companionship to be more precise. So genesis two eighteen is basically correct. All that is required is to read between the lines. As such it would not be incorrect to state that the purpose of the initial singularity aka the big bang is companionship cosmologically speaking or that the reason of god is companionship theologically speaking or that the reason of biodiversity is biocompanionship biologically speaking.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist