Exploring the Purpose of Life: Companionship, Free Will, and the Nature of God.

The following questions were asked and I quote "One thing I can’t understand with God is why he can't just reset and fix everything? What is the absolute goal in him letting all injustice happen? And the last question has to do with free will. Even if we do have free will, what’s the point?" It is good asking these questions and the profound answer is the following. "The point of it all is not free will; the point is companionship. Companionship can only be experienced by veiling oneself as manifoldness. What I am saying is that the purpose of it all, the reason for biodiversity, the meaning of life, why we are here, is companionship, otherwise known as love." But since the question mentioned God I will give the answer from a theological perspective as well. "In theology, God is diverse, not to cause hardship upon Himself (Him meaning this One), but so to be able to experience companionship, friendship, and love."

~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist