The Forgotten Connection Between Ein Sof and Enso and Their True Meanings.

Although it is believed that Ein Sof (Heb. 讗ֵ讬谉 住讜ֹ祝; The Infinite, lit. that which is boundless), meanans G-d transcendent, in His pure essence, God in Himself in Kabbalah, it litterally means One Self. Similarly so. Although the Japanese word for cirlce is Enso (Ens艒, 鍐嗙浉, Circular Form) which is the universal expression of wholeness that lives deep in our beings; EnSo really means OneSelf. So why do these words Ein Sof and EnSo carry such a high significance? For the same reason that the Unified Field Theory in physics is so significant. There is only One Theory or One Torah or One Turiya or One Cosmic Consciousness or One Self. Knowing this is the Seventh State of Self Awareness or Realization. After having realized this, One remains in this world but remains aware that the only reason of Self, why Self appears Diverse, is Companionship otherwise known as Love.
~ Wald Wassermann