The Purpose of The Ego is Love.

Kill the ego! Rise above the ego! Transcend the ego! My goodness. What a bunch of poppycock... or is it? Truth is simple. The purpose of the ego or illusory veil of separateness is love. Here's why. The ego is an emergent property of the bodymind complex which it itself is an emergent property of self* not wanting to feel by itself. Hence we arrive at a correct conclusion. The purpose of self is love which is the why of the ego. The ego (veil) exists so self could experience companionship i.e. love itself. Naturally this can only be understood by having gone full ensō on oneself which is paradoxically done by having transcended the ego. Regardless. Once this self-knowledge is attained self knows peace for it has recognized who- and why it is. Who Self is is one not wanting to feel alone. Why Self is is companionship i.e. love. It is not good for one to be alone. One's (very own) purpose companionship, friendship, love. (* cosmic consciousness)
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist