The Reason for Life is Companionship.

A man high as a kite said that the universe is essentially playful, that here is no divine plan, only endless playing of energy, so we don't worry about picking the right path because there isn't one. This shows you that enlightenment is not accomplish by getting high. Truth is simple. First of all. The universe is not the universe. The universe is self. Self has conceived itself to perceive itself as differentiated so not to be by itself. Hence the purpose of self or that which the high as a kite man calls the universe. The purpose of self is companionship more commonly known as love. It is this the reason for life. The reason for life is companionship otherwise known as love. So forget about playfulness. It is all about companionship. It simply is not good for one to be alone. One's reason it is companionship, friendship, love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist