Are Quantum Fluctuations completely Uncaused Events?

It is said in some of the science literature (not mine!) that vacuum fluctuations do not have any cause (other than that their existence is mandated by the laws of physics) and that they're uncertainties rather than things happening as a function of time. My goodness. Talk about lost in translation. Truth is simple. 'One's cause - aloneness - matters not as much as One's purpose - companionship more commonly known as love.' What it means in layman's terms is that 'the cause of self* is self not wanting to be by itself and that the purpose of self is to experience companionship itself'. Lyrically speaking it could thus be said that the purpose of quantum fluctuations is love, or, to be more precise, that the purpose of self is love which is why self is in a continuous state of flux. No flux no love. It's as simple as that. (* life).
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist