Fear Not; You Are.

That day when evening came, HE (meaning THIS ONE) said to his disciples, "Let us go over to the other side" leaving the crowd (those who have not understood yet this Maya/Lila or Veiling business aka the Illusion of Separation) behind... for Yes... Ye Shua or was it Ye Shiva is One. It is just that it is not good for One to be alOne ~ gen es is two eighteen ~. In accordance to the scriptures written down by the seers of our true unified Self. Truth is One verily so; it is just that it is not good for One to be alOne which is the reason for Life; the reason for Life is Love. There is no other reason I tell you but Love. Now remember. There appear to be many echo chambers on this tube that is essentially YOU (GOD) otherwise known as Indra's Net aka Internet. My suggestion is simply not to get too caught up in any particular echo chamber, especially the ones that preach doom and gloom, and to go outside and smell the flowers.. there is no crisis except in the mind... and those that want you to believe there is a crisis have not your sanctity in mind but their own personal monetization which they accomplish through agitation. Remember. If it's free you are the product. So remember. When it is said that God is LOVE you can take it literally. God is not God. God is LOVE. Hence. Love each other. So let go and be free from all illusory bondage my brothers and sisters unless you like to be bound. Awaken from the dream that you are a limited body mind complex existing separately from the whole. The whole is all there is. The whole is YOU! Dance my children, dance! Dance, sing, rejoice. It is You Ye Shiva. Ye Shiva is You!
~ Wald Wassermann