Matter Equates to Consciousness.

As I have mentioned in the past; Matter and Consciousness are one and the same. This simplifies Albert Einsteins's E = mc2 equation. A group of colleagues in the field of science reached out to me with a question and I quote 'Dear Wald. Why are you conflating Einstein's equation with Consciousness? Einstein's equation describes the equivalence of Energy and Matter yet you are stating that all Matter is Consciousness. How can that be so? I don't recall Einstein ever saying something so extravagant. My understanding is that we as a collective have very little understanding of consciousness and unless I am missing something massive there is nothing that demonstrates consciousness and energy and matter are the same.' It is good asking this question. Truth is simple; it only appears complex. What it means is that all (Energy/Consciousness/Matter) is One and the same and that One's purpose is Companionship otherwise known as Love. As such I can assure You that Energy = Matter = Consciousness this naturally in the proper understanding that there is only One Consciousness or One Māter or One Energy which does not want to be alone. As such why the wisest of all wise owls correctly so proclaim: the meaning of Life is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist