The Gospel it is Love.

It seems en-vogue stating that science holds dominion over religion this although all is one and the same as the wise correctly so proclaim. But there's science and then there's Science. Science with a capital S as in Self is knowing the origin of Self is Self not wanting to feel by itself hence why it is correctly so said that the purpose of Self is Love i.e. that the meaning of Life is Love while science sees all as separate without realizing that all separation i.e. otherness is Self conceived and Self perceived so Self could experience Togetherness otherwise known as Companionship or Love. As such there is only one true valid Science. The Science of knowing that One's very own purpose is Love. Hence. Love each other for there where otherness is perceived is but Self desiring togetherness. So what about Spacetime? Space to embrace. Time for love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist