Truth is Simple, Purpose is Love.

Is Reality Dual or Non-Dual? Truth is simple, purpose is Love. All there is is Self. Self itself is. Self is Reality in its totality. To be more precise. All is Self. Self alone is. It is however not good to be by Oneself which is why Self Lives. It is not good to be by Oneself which is why Self is in Motion. This is explained in modern cosmology by the Big Bang Theory. The aforementioned meaning that all differentiation is Self and that Self perceives itself as differentiated so not to be by itself. In other words. The fundamental purpose or reason of Self is Love. Love meaning companionship, yes, but since companionship is a rather lengthy word We may as well continue to use the word Love. Love is a beautiful word. Regardless and not to be distracted. It could also be said that there is only the Absolute and that the Absolute is not subject to birth nor death for the Absolute is indeed The Eternal One, the Absolute is indeed Eternally One. The empirical World of appearant diversity or variegation or rather self-conceived and self-perceived differentiation is thus not unreal as some mistakenly believe for there is only the Real, there is only the Absolute. Nor is it so that the empirical World is not absolutely existent for the Absolute is the World. It is just that the purpose of the Absolute, the purpose of the World, the purpose of the Real, the purpose of Self is really Companionship/Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist