What is the Nature of Quantum Mechanics? Answering the Big Physics Questions.

What is the nature of quantum mechanics? Quantum mechanics is one of the most successful theories in physics, but it is also one of the most puzzling. The nature of quantum reality, including concepts like superposition and entanglement, raises many philosophical questions about the nature of reality. So what is quantum mechanics really and is there an underlying purpose? It is a very good question. The answer is this. All the many are all the one but since it is not good to be alone, the one is diverse. We are the one. Allow me to state it differently. What is the nature of quantum mechanics but love. Love not only is the reason for all diversity of life. Love is also the reason of the world, or, as some wise owls call it, the word. Ideally we should as such not call it quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is in reality singular mechanics. So let me come back to the question and use this very suitable 'puzzle' word referenced above to describe quantum mechanics. Puzzle is one but pieces appear many. The underlying purpose for all this? Love. And as always. Love meaning companionship but since companionship is a rather lengthy word we may as well call it love. Love is a beautiful word.
~ Wald Wassermann