One of the biggest un-answered questions in cosmology is the 'are we alone' question. There's several ways to answer that. Let's start with a theological view. We, the all one, god, is alone but wishes not to be alone hence life. Life's purpose, god's purpose, is companionship otherwise known as love hence god is love. Now the veil of separation (se meaning self in latin) is unsurpassable so that some will object to the bringing god into the picture. As such we go from theology to cosmology this although both are in truth but the same. After all. All is one and the same and difference exists for the purpose of companionship. Regardless. cosmology. Are we alone? We are the all one which veils itself as manifoldness so to avoid aloneness. Similar to the previous answer. Our, cosmos's, purpose is companionship i.e. love; love so love. Now we can move on to the biological answer. The meaning of biology is the word (logos) is self (bio) but since it is not good to be by oneself the purpose of self (life) is companionship otherwise known as love. Perhaps we can as such finally agree on one conclusion. The meaning of life is love.
~ Wald Wassermann