Cell Division: We are Not As Divided as it Appears.

The current literature on biology states that, at interphase, there is only one cell but after cytokinesis there are two identical cells separated by a cell wall, the cell plate, within the original cell. What it means is that there is no such thing as cell division. There is only a continuous process of cell- or self veiling for the purpose of self-companionship which is why it is said that we are not as divided as we seem (I suggest to search for this exact term using quotation marks). The reason is that at any time only one master cell which veils ITSELF as many cells so not to be by itself which is why it is said that time is relative for all is not only interrelated; all is self veiling itself as self differentiated for self companionship which is why it is said 'love each other' for otherness is self conceived and self perceived for togetherness. In other words. The meaning of life is love. As such. Thank You for being. I appreciate You. I love You. Without You I would feel alone. Such is the absolute scientific truth. Namaste.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist