How Did The Big Bang Arise Within The Initial Singularity?

The following question was asked and I quote exactly: 'If quantum fluctuations caused the big bang, then where did quantum fluctuations come from?'. It is said that quantum fluctuations happen spontaneously, i.e. without a cause and that they are as such stochastic events not deterministic ones. Naturally this is just a half truth. Truth is that all this is self, that the origin of self is self not wanting to be by itself and that the purpose of self is companionship otherwise known as love which is why there is life. The above in direct relationship with the fine tuning argument. Not only is the universe fine tuned not to be alone. It is self which is fine tuned not to be by itself. All this* so not to be alone. All this so to be able to experience companionship more commonly known as love. What it means in the simplest of possible terms is that the meaning of life is love. (* biodiversity/life)
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist