The Origins Of The Natural Laws.

It is said in some of the scientific literature on entanglement aka biology that a scientific law is just a summary of an observation otherwise know as a measurement and that a measurement or an observation is the result of an observer interacting with a system that it is observing while becoming physically entangled with it. Perhaps this would be a good time to simplify things and refresh our memory on the origins of the laws of nature and why they exist in the first place. Truth is simple and self-evident. This cannot be repeated enough for humankind has a tendency to look for answers outside itself this although it itself is the answer. The origin of the laws of nature is Self not wanting to be by itself. What it simply means is that Life is all about companionship really; it not good for One to be alone. One's very own reason of being Companionship, Friendship, Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist