The Reason for Variegated Biological Propagation.

It is oftentimes said that the purpose of life is propagation nothing more, nothing less. Let me expand on this interpretation which sounds too clinical for a man of passion. Propagation or evolution is synonymous with cosmic expansion. In other words; biology and cosmology are identical. Now as to the cause- and reason for propagation? The cause of propagation is self not wanting to be by itself. The reason for propagation is self wanting to experience companionship itself. This in the proper understanding that, at any time, there is only oneself veiling itself as many selves so not to be by itself. Or, as explained by mathematics, there is no such thing as division, there is only internal multiplication as mirrored in biology with cytokinesis which results in biodiversity aka self differentiation. Synopsis? I think we should remember that the meaning of life is essentially love and remain grounded in this fundamental principle.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist.