What is the difference between Physics and Applied Physics?

The origin of Diversity is Bio not wanting to be alone. There you go. Understanding this is Physics. Now. Jesus realized this. So did Buddha. And Mohamed. And a few billion others in previous life times. Thus we move on to applied physics which is a synonym for biodiversity. Applied physics is a fancy word for engineering. Rather than foregoing the illusion of separation; applied physics accepts the illusion of separation as a vital component of physics. After all; physics perceives itself as fragmentized so not to be alone so why mess with the bigger picture? As such applied physics focuses on each part of the Real and tries to come up with solutions for other seemingly separate parts of the Real. This is called technology. Now what makes one a perfect candidate for applied physics? He or She who understands Physics. Interesting but true. You cannot provide solutions if you don't understand the reason for reality and yes; it is love alright... it's simply not good for one to be alone. That's just the way it is.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist