The origin of self¹ is self¹ not wanting to be by itself. The only way self¹ can experience companionship is by veiling itself. Although the veil causes a two-fold effect (joy and pain); it's all about companionship² really. What it means is that the purpose of the world³ is companionship²; self-companionship² to be more precise and that all variegation or differentiation⁴ is self¹ celebrating itself as self-differentiated⁵ for companionship otherwise known as love. Now. Humankind has the incredible gift to go full ensō on itself through the gift of self-reflection which is natural and needed to herald in a world with less pain and more joy not only for humankind but for all species. (¹bio, ²biocompanionship, ³biodiversity, ⁴diversity, ⁵biodifferentiated)
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist.