Quantum Indeterminacy Revisited.

It is stated in the quantum physics literature that the math of probabilistic quantum wave functions implies that the quantum realm of atoms and particles has randomness at its core. Very good but allow me to make a few corrections. Correction number one. There is only one AtOm; we have as such been defining AtOm the wrong way. Correction number two. As to particles: there is only Oneself partnering with itself so not to be by itself hence why we cannot speak of true randomness but determinism. Which brings me to correction number three. The hidden determinism at play behind the reality we get from quantum probabilities is but Self not wanting to be by itself and the purpose of Self is but Companionship otherwise known as Love. Now it is very easy to loose oneself in erudite wordspeak but perhaps it would not be scientifically incorrect to state that a Singular Determinant is responsible for all apparent randomness and that the purpose of the appearance of randomness (Biodiversity) is Companionship i.e. Love. Interestingly enough this is also known as the Singular Matrix in mathematics where the determinant value is equal to 0, i.e. |A| = 0 with 0, i.e. |A| = 0 being synonymous with Self. Again. I am not a fan of wordspeak. As such a rather grand simplification at last. The meaning of Life is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann