Song of The Self.

The following question was asked and I quote: 'Can the brain be free from The Self?'. It's the other way around really. The brain (body-mind complex) is part of The Self. The brain acts as a veil. Without the veil The Self would be alone. And it is not good for The Self to be alone. Hence we arrive at the reason of Biodiversity or the Big Bang as we call it in science: Companionship; Constant Companionship to be more precise. Hence why Pope Francis says that 'the meaning of Life is Love'. Love meaning Companionship. Any distinction between these words is irrelevant. For after all. It is the Word (the Self) which speaks all words. Now. The brain can transcend the veil (ego/persona) and realize who- and why it really is. Some call it Allah-consciousness, Buddha-consciousness, God-Consciousness, Shiva-Consciousness or Self-realization. It is also known as Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samādhi. But it's all the same. To reiterate. Words are many but The Word aka The World aka The Self is One. There is only One God = There is only One Self = There is only Ye Shua. The purpose of Self essentially Companionship but since Companionship is such a long word We may as well continue to use the word Love. Love verily is a beautiful word.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist