Love as the Fundamental Purpose of the Universe.

The proposal presented here is not a new theory, but rather a perspective on the nature of the universe that emphasizes the fundamental importance of love and connection as the purpose of existence. I suggest that consciousness is a fundamental aspect of the universe, and that all diversity and complexity emerge from this singular consciousness.

In this view, the universe is a conscious entity that perceives itself as individual "bits" or rather as "bio diverse" for the purpose of experiencing love and connection, and avoiding loneliness. The concept of information is seen as a means to achieve this end, rather than the fundamental building block of the universe.

In other words. The universe can be understood as a sentient being that seeks connection and love through self-differentiation. This is different from John Archibald Wheeler's It-from-Bit theory, which which fails to address the underlying reason of exists but which instead simply posits that the universe is a self-contained system of information, and that observation plays an active role in shaping reality.

 It is my hope that my proposal offers a thought-provoking perspective on the nature of the universe, highlighting the importance of love and connection as the ultimate goals of existence. While remaining respectful of Wheeler's vision, it suggests an alternative way of understanding the universe that may inspire further exploration and inquiry.

In conclusion and staying true to the original "it-from-bit" proposal John Wheeler; I propose that "It perceives itself as Bits for the purpose of Love".
~ Wald Wassermann