Wave Particle Duality Revisited.

In physics, wave-particle duality is the concept that every particle or object can exhibit both wave-like and particle-like behavior. This means that particles, such as electrons or photons, can exhibit behaviors typically associated with waves, like interference and diffraction, as well as behaviors typically associated with particles, like occupying a specific position and having a definite momentum. The wave-like and particle-like behavior of a particle is determined by the type of measurement being performed on the particle. This duality is a fundamental concept in quantum mechanics and has been experimentally verified numerous times. It is thought that the nature of this duality is still not fully understood, and it remains one of the most fascinating and mysterious phenomena in physics. I don't subscribe to this cloud of unknowing. Allow me to explain it with the analogy of the sea. The sea is one but since it is not good to be alone the sea moves itself so to be able to experience companionship itself. Simply put. We are here for love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist