A Return to the Gold Standard.

The question of the ultimate origin of the fabric of reality is one of the biggest and most fundamental questions in philosophy and science, and there is no one definitive answer at this time which is naturally erroneous since time is Relative. Regardless, lest brush aside the knowledge that all this is Self for a moment and continue on on this wild goose chase. Some will say that the fabric of reality arises from some sort of underlying, fundamental structure or principle which reminds me of this fine tune named the pleasure principle by Janet Jackson. But again. Lest not get too distracted and continue on without knowing that Self is the ultimate Origin of the fabric Reality. In physics some theories suggest that the fabric of Reality is made up of subatomic particles and fundamental forces that interact with each other to create the universe we see around us. According to this view which happens to be erroneous for there is only Oneself partnering with itself so not to be by itself, the fabric of reality emerges from the interactions between these fundamental components, much like the way a complex piece of music can emerge from the interaction between individual notes. Yet then there is another evasive explanation which says that the fabric of reality is simply a brute fact without any deeper explanation which is highly intelligent clever word speak. This view can be associated with the philosopher Gottfried Leibniz (quite the interesting name), who famously asked why there is something rather than nothing which is again a silly question for something and nothing are Self in Reality. Then some throw in the towel and they say that the question of the Origin of the fabric of Reality is simply beyond the scope of human knowledge. It is why some philosophers argue that there may be limits to what we can know about the nature of Reality, either because our cognitive abilities are limited, or because Reality itself is fundamentally unknowable. Let me assure you that truth is simple as in One; it is just that it is not good for One to be alone which is why One's purpose is Companionship otherwise known as Love. Again. Best to forget about all such evasive terminology and return to the Truth. The meaning of Life? It is Love. Love is the answer.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist