The Absolute Unity Proposition.

I would like to propose the Absolute Unity Proposition. The Absolute Unity Proposition is a theoretical framework that postulates the existence of a singular, underlying reality or cosmic consciousness, which appears to perceive itself as fragmented into separate observations. The Absolute Unity Proposition departs from the relativistic view, which asserts that reality is relative to the observer, by proposing that instead there is only one observer that perceives itself as manifoldness to avoid aloneness.

According to the Absolute Unity Proposition, this singular reality or cosmic consciousness is fundamental and irreducible, and represents the ultimate substratum of the universe. It is not a mere epiphenomenon of physical systems, but rather the source of all physical, mental, and spiritual phenomena. The Absolute Unity Proposition posits that this reality or consciousness is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent, and that it is the ultimate cause and effect of all events and processes in the universe.

The metaphor of the ocean and the waves can be used to illustrate this concept. The waves, which appear to be separate entities, are actually inseparable from the ocean, which represents the underlying reality or cosmic consciousness. The apparent fragmentation of the waves is an absolute necessity driven by the ocean's deeper desire for companionship. Similarly, the universe and its diverse phenomena are not separate from the underlying reality or cosmic consciousness, but rather its manifestations.

The Absolute Unity Proposition does not seek to challenge the notion of a plurality of objective realities assumed by relativity, but instead proposes a unity of reality and consciousness that perceives itself as a plurality of objective realities for the purpose of companionship i.e. love. The Absolute Unity Proposition suggests that the universe is a manifestation of a single, undivided consciousness, and that all phenomena arise from it. This framework offers a unifying perspective on all physical, mental, and spiritual phenomena, and provides a foundation for a holistic approach to understanding the universe.

The implications of the Absolute Unity Proposition are far-reaching and profound for it suggests that the purpose of Life is companionship, friendship and love. It proposes that the apparent diversity and separateness of phenomena are but a means to experience this ompanionship, friendship and love, and that the ultimate goal of human existence is to realize the unity of all things and the underlying reason of life. This theory has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the universe and our place in it, and to inspire a new era of scientific and spiritual exploration. It should not be classified as another new theory since I, Wald Wassermann, am of the opinion that there is but a singular theory.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist