It is always sad that we can never spend enough time with the people we care about because we live so far and separate from each other. The moments we meet are always too short and few in between. We speak words but what matters is never really said. There is always a deep missing of wanting to be with each person more. To be able to spend more time together. To listen more. To understand better. To care more. A yearning that is temporary filled yet never really stilled. At moments like this I try to remain grounded in the realization that we are separate or spread out since space and time began and all this so not to be alone. So while this realization does not take away my hearts eternal aching and quiet desperation it does bring me peace for I understand that life's purpose is fundamentally companionship, friendship, love. And so I return to this deep overwhelming sense of gratitude. So much gratitude for each moment we have together no matter how far and few in between.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist